That is a book

that is a book


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His books have a common denominator - the plots are very original and sometimes a bit fantasy-like, they are read very quickly, the writing is very basic, more like a movie script, but throughout the book and in the end you are left with a warm and bitter sweet feeling.


 · This book is unlike anything I've ever read, and it is incredible. This is the story of Damián Lobo, a man with a mental illness that plays a greater and greater role in defining his life. On the surface, the book is funny and playful, exploring a man that lives inside a family's wardrobe. How funny, you say! The book is also sad and dark. We ...

The book is deemed to be one of the seminal and influential books in history. It is important to note that Qutb is a vanguard of the movement Muslim Brotherhood after the founder Imam As-shaheed Hassan al-Banna. From his book milestones, we can gauge what is the stance of the

Download a book (English Grammar in use) Comprehensive English Language Rules تحميل كتاب (English Grammar In Use) الشامل لقواعد اللغة الأساسية في اللغة...

The new year is a blank book. The pen is in your hands, it is your chance to write a beautiful story for your health and your body. #HappyNewYear …

" The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page " " العالم كتاب و أولئك الذين لا يسافرون يقرؤن فقط صفحة واحدة "

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محال book. Read 1,340 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. «وأما الأخبار التى بأيدينا الآن، فإنما نتَّبع فيها غالب الظن، لا العلم المح...

that is his book

that is his book

that is his book